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A computer animation from the electron's POV
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I have probably been playing too much Mario Kart since I just acquired a WiiU but what would the view an electron would see if it could see the energy landscape?

An electron doesn't have a mind so doesn't suddenly change on whim. An electron is totally dependent on it's current position, momentum and the pushes and pulls from the enviroment it is in.

If an electron's energy landscape was described through a transformation into an 2D plane, the electron would be a bit like a rollercoaster. Because of spin, I am imagining the Energy surface would actually be two surfaces, one above(sky) and one below (ground) with a gap of nothing in between. In certain energy conditions, vertical tracks form between surfaces. If an electron makes it out that gap, it has left the atom. Electron orbitals could be translated into mountainous plateaus.

These energy surfaces would be extremely dynamic because of other electrons, photons, phonons, high energy particles, nuclear movements, gravities of protons, neutrons, and other atoms and molecules coming nearby. And probably, very slightly, Universe's gravity.

Still, I wonder what it would look like and what colours would be used?

<question's self>Is there such a thing as colour at this scale of the universe</question's self>

wjt, Jul 29 2016

Celular movies. https://www.ted.com...eakthrough#t-229412
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 30 2016]


       Very cool. I would like to see this myself.   

       My own bet is that, if there is light there is color.
Light affects the atomic level right?


       The energy of a photon and its frequency/wavelength are directly related. Blue photons are more energetic than red ones; X-ray photons are more energetic than blue light.   

       The issue is more one of perception. Colour is a human concept, conditioned by the very limited range of your optical receptors. It's entirely subjective, and at the quantum level is irrelevant.
8th of 7, Jul 30 2016

       Here is a very interesting TED talk about just how smwll we've been able to see so far. [link] You'll need to scroll ahead to 4:00 for the bit about Eric Betzig.   

       The more ways we can cleverly picture things in our minds, the more we can figure clever manipulations of the natural universe.   

       We all want those science fiction toys, don't we?
wjt, Jul 30 2016


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