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Dashboard flirtboard

a tablet PC on the passenger side dash, scrolls useful or suggestive images as well as phrases prompting conversation. Fun.
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I was thinking about a persons beauty channel on Youtube (look a certain way, get more social communications) when it occured to me you could get a thing like a tablet PC mounted on the passenger side dashboard to prompt personally warming, flirty, or just useful conversations.

The dashboard flirt could have a wde range of modes, from "I have a membership at the science museum with complimentary guests. wanna go?" to "Two times 4:20 is 8:40, wanna meet up next evening?" (translation: drugs are fun, lets go use some, tomorrow night, hint hint)

Now there is a thing called the thematic apperception test, where a measured as being ambiguous image prompts a variety of varied yet classifiable responses. If the tablet PC displayed those images it might prompt conversation as well "Nice giraffe on wall street, er, or is it that horrible tarot card..ummm you know the -1 of earths."

anyway, as people got used to the flirtboards they could know well enough to just comment on the things they liked the direction of. Its possible that the content could be delivered like internet radio, reducing the embarassment of being linked to actually being the person who preloaded some of the material. Alternatively, there is already an entire social media "sayings" image category, the flirtboard could just play a persons social networking chatpics things.

Anyway it if doubles date happiness, or even just reminds passengers of things on their to do list it might actually be awesome.

I suppose its my duty to suggest that it be capable of adaptive response, possibly noting the vocal tone of the conversation then bring up images or sayings, which if commented on might have a beneficial effect.

beanangel, May 03 2012

I guess it finally caused them to lose their job! http://www.ebay.com...hash=item43ad83c0d2
[xandram, May 04 2012]


       Many years ago a Boston radio station implemented something called WOW which they made bumper stickers for. People also wrote this on trucks and other vehicles. It meant "whip 'em out Wednesdays"- so girls would flash their boobs whilst driving!!
[see link]
xandram, May 04 2012

       //doubles date happiness, or even just reminds passengers of things on their to do list//   

       This doesn't sound like a good kind of multi-tasking.   

       "I've had a wonderful evening - it reminded me that the fence needs painting!"
pertinax, May 04 2012

       // "whip 'em out Wednesdays"// A tad bit more than a mere flirtation, dern that's out and out borderline auto porn. Oh wait, you meant the girls.
blissmiss, May 04 2012

       >>>causing accidents nationwide<<<
xandram, May 04 2012


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