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Custom Robot Pets

Imitate an animal of the customers choice as robot pet.
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A customer would choose an animal or describe some other shape and some people would then make a robot in that shape. A few different kinds of robotic joints, appendages of various colors, programmable computers, and other such things could be made in a factory and later assembled to meet the customers specifications. The customer could also add things such as music or video players, cameras, voice recognizing calculators, motion sensors, the ability to complete usefull tasks, etc. for a price.
apocalyps956, Sep 01 2006


       Is this really an original idea?   

       Oh, right, you're a kid.
DrCurry, Sep 01 2006

       This idea isn't really new but...   

       It seems that a DIY robot pet kit may be a good way to customize the pet. You buy the thing in the box in parts. Then you assemble it by taking parts like legs, head, and add-ons and snapping them together. For ability, like useful task completion, make it USB compatible so it can be programmed. Then it could do just about everything you can program into it.   

       If you want a realistic pet, why not make it drink water to run a generator that charges its batteries? And of course, where does the used water go? In a tank that is drained when it "pees".
wolstech, Sep 01 2006

       Yeah, and that would be Lego Mindstorms. Well, apart from the whole magic water generator thing.
DrCurry, Sep 01 2006


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