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Electric stag

Battery operated
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Music teachers giving online Skype bagpipe or fiddle lessons from their studios in the Highlands will naturally seat themselves with their picture window behind them, allowing their American and Japanese students to be overawed by the majestic beauty of the loch and mountain view behind, and the ever changing clouds and weather.

However the stags tend not to come and look in the window often enough, and certainly not at scheduled lesson times.

The electric stag can be pre-programmed to appear at the time of your choosing. The light rail system means it can smootly glide into view and then retreat.

For areas with an unusually high concentration of teachers, one electric stag can be shared between a number of studios, with an online booking system to manage the appearance schedule.

Swivelling red lasers can be fitted into the eye sockets for extra effect on misty days.

pocmloc, Apr 08 2012


       Seems reasonable to me. [+]
AusCan531, Apr 09 2012


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