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Nasty Robo-Cat

A cat that you can program to do various pranks
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Just read this article, and I thought it would be great that instead of cuddling cat(link). it would walk to a user smell him, lift up his head and scream out "You stink". Then turns around lifts up his hind leg, and loudly farts, also would be nice to feel it up with some visible(green) gas, it shouldn't smell though. I think cat like that can worth far more than 300$. Also it be nice if it sensed a person next to it, it will turn to him and say some insults, e.g. "Hey peanut brain, what are you lookin at, heh". [see link --admin]
romanmar, Aug 30 2004


       I'd mfd this, but I'm not sure if the "echo" rule applies to ideas off the bakery.
ldischler, Aug 30 2004

       As a cat hater myself, I say we make human robots to insult real cats. Oh, wait... we don't really need robots to do that.
Machiavelli, Aug 30 2004

       Woah, you stole my annotation, [mach]! I was going to say almost that exact same thing! Or . . . maybe I did and it got deleted. I don't know any more.   

       This idea, while feasible, is just another simulacrum of that horrid "Billy Bass" concoction that hangs on a plaque and mutters inanities when people walk by. The main difference is that the Bass cost something like $29.95. This would be a $300-tacky-humor-gag-gift. Kerbone.
contracts, Aug 30 2004

       No [contracts], it wasn't deleted. All that happened was that I beat you to it. Neener neener neener.
Machiavelli, Aug 30 2004

       [ldischler], it doesn't. All you can do is say this is lame. Oh, by the way:
"This is lame."
jutta, Aug 30 2004

       This would be funny for like 10 minutes, if that, but then it would progress to very very annoying!
kranedawg, Aug 30 2004

       This is lame, and stupid, and there is no link.   

       Have a bone for your stupid robo-cat.
dbmag9, Dec 31 2005


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