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Custom Sounds

Like how you can customize your character skins...
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In some FPS games, custom skinning of the playable character is allowed, why not, then, have certain sounds be customizable? Allowing for custom sounds would make each character more of an individual, would be able to identify them by sound (or ignore them).

The next step down from this would to be able to customize the pitch of the sounds to be played, the speed, etc.

twitch, Oct 22 2009

There's some discussion about voice generation here Randomly_20Generated_20Bad_20Dudes
[theleopard, Oct 23 2009]


       Tiger Woods golf lets you customise your avatars' voice.   

       but i'm talking about the possibility of maybe... advertising?? ? like.. "inc hallway, drink pepsi!!" or "pwnd, brought to you by hilton resorts". And of course, you'll probably get bots spewing pr0n all over the servers.
twitch, Oct 23 2009

       I used to edit Doom with new sounds back in my Dos days.   

       Also, see [link].
theleopard, Oct 23 2009


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