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Clear Cards

Clear on one side, and not on the other!
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I got the idea from looking at tinted windows; basically the idea is that they are regular sized plastic playing cards, with all the regular values and everything, however, turn them around and they are clear!
generaltso, Feb 14 2007


       Any notions as to how these could be made?
angel, Feb 14 2007

       Could they bend (& thus be shuffled as normal?)
sophocles, Feb 14 2007

       You could make them out of clear tinted plastic. Print a load of evenly spaced dots on one side, with the dots coloured black for the back-ground and (say) red for the pattern / number / suit. Choose a tint such that the red / black dots all look black from the back.
TheLightsAreOnBut, Feb 14 2007

       Not possible, for thermodynamic reasons.
ldischler, Feb 14 2007

TheLightsAreOnBut, Feb 14 2007

       Tinted windows on cars work because the inside is in relative darkness compared to the outside. Tinted glass is shiny so when the light is cut down (in both directions) the features seen in reflection overwhelm whose seen in transmission allowing the contents of the car to remain private. There is no magic ingredient that stops what happens inside from being seen outside the car.   

       That said, clear cards are already available. They have identical patches of opaque ink printed on a base of scetate or similar material. On this opaque patch, the value of the card is printed.   

       I like TLAOB's variant of using evenly spaced dots (often used for oneway transparent signage on windows) to make the whole card effectively seethrough. [+], for this, even though I think the poster has misunderstood how tinted windows work.
st3f, Feb 14 2007

       You're right, I have no idea how tinted windows work, I just said thats where I got the idea from, not necesarily how they would work. But thanks for enlightening me.
generaltso, Feb 14 2007


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