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Conspiracy Board

board game for debunking conspiracies
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People like to avoid the answers that are given, which refute wacky theories, but then again every now and then some obscure facts turn out to be true, especially in highly controversial issues.

So, in this series of board games each game (with sequels and updates) is about a certain "controversy". The easiest example: 9/11.

You choose a "narrative" for the issue under discussion. The narrative includes several steps and "sides" of the "controversy" - stages in time, points of view, expertise.

You must also choose roles - "construction expert", "chemist", "historian", family to deceased, emergency forces worker, New-Yorker, Muslim, Jewish etc.

As you advance across the board you are assisted or contested by the other players according to their views. All participants are allowed to draw facts and claims according to their narrative and according to the roles they have taken. There are numbers attached to each claim and fact which are added or subtracted according to the role you hold. So if you are not an expert on a subject, you must draw the "Explanation for layman" to your claim or fact, and when contested against the expert it gives you less points if you win.

Basically, its meant to educate people with the actual facts which, once seen in their entirety, usually convince people that the majority of the freak claims are wrong, and that the rest are either deliberate misinformation by extremists, or actual interesting facts leading to the next conspiracy but closing this one up.

For instance in the free fall claim, the facts will be first "partial" facts showing the original "truther" claims, but since this fact can be contested it is RED and with a low value. In order to validate your narrative you need someone to contest your fact, with a contradicting one. If you can refute the contradicting claim, you get to keep your claim. Otherwise you must revise your narrative. In this case you'll be shown the objects along the walls and free from them falling faster, and you'll be shown the section of the steel frame held up for several more seconds before collapsing with the rest.

So in the 9/11 example, under the "Simply wrong" category we can put the Thermate/Thermite, Free fall, building 7 not in report, call for "pull", list of terrorist names, Airplanes not actually crashing into building, explosion sound on lower floors not from fuel through elevator shaft, the orthodox Jews saved by late Selichot prayers that morning etc, the pentagon wall hole and security camera images, the sawed off foundations at ground zero, the death of the passengers and downing of the plane, The Al Quaeda organisation itself, Selefist Islam and terrorist ideology which all can be verified as existing facts.

In the "follow up to other conspiracies" we would have: The six Israelis spying on Arabs that day (so how much DID the US and Israel know in advance), the Bush admin's ties with Al Quaeda, the Obama/Clinton admin's ties with Al Qaeda (and Libyan oil in particular), Silverstein's profit etc.

So you can still believe that there was a lot not apparent to the eye, but at least get most of the garbage, some of it real filthy, out of the way.

The same would work for bad science hoaxes and scams, and for alternative medicine.

It would be fun to play, and a computer game and movie would follow.

pashute, Apr 26 2014

Suppressed_20Consequences Comparable, but with pencil and paper, and no board. [pertinax, Apr 27 2014]


       Of course, as usual in halfbakery, this is a call for your improvements, changes and thoughts on how to make it an intriguing game, that everybody will like to play.
pashute, Apr 26 2014

       Hey bigs, there are conspiracy theories and then there are conspiracy theories. You want to know what really happened with Kennedy but you know that you'll probably never find out. Even after the 50 year wait.   

       On the other hand its easy to check out that terrorist attacks and murder sprees are for real. No need to wait for anything.   

       And thanks [pertinax]
pashute, May 01 2014


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