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Custom broken in shoes

New shoes with that old shoe feel. Mmmmm
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My heart bleeds everytime I have to throw away an old pair of shoes - especially boots that have taken years to adjust to my foot. I love hiking boots, but often its a pain in the.. well, foot, to break them in. The realy good ones take a while.
Enter the customised pre broken in shoe store. You fix an appointment and come in to get your feet cast. an exact replica of your feet is made is cast in plaster, and then tranferred to something hardier (any suggestions). You then select the pair of shoes tht you want, and we do the rest. The next week the atificial feet with your selected shoes on them are put on a simulated treadmill (which simulates you walking motion through a biometric analysis of your walking pattern). Come back the nest week and get your brand new old shoes.

Happy walking!

PS- is there another category this should be posted to?

energy guy, Mar 27 2005

cheap method to break in shoes beta-fit_20super-shod_20bags
[po, Mar 27 2005]


       I am reliably told that custom shoes do not need to be broken in - they are comfortable from the moment you put them on. That's probably why they cost more money.
DrCurry, Mar 27 2005

       Baked I'm afraid. In a shoeshop I know they put the shoes on your feet and study how they fit. They then beat the shoe with a hammer in the right places.
zeno, Mar 27 2005

       [Curry]. I was not aware of a brand called custom. This idea was to custom break the shoe in. Essentially for hiking boots.   

       [zeno] I see your point. The problem is that getting a shoe to fit a stationary shoe is different to customizing it to fit a walking foot.
energy guy, Mar 27 2005

       I like broken-in shoes. (but not broken-in houses)   

       I like this, no matter what anyone else says. A false foot does the breaking in for me? Yes!   

       Fashion: Shoes?:
DesertFox, Mar 27 2005

energy guy, Mar 27 2005

       for the cost of "breaking in" your new shoes, you should be able to buy shoes that don't need to be "broken in." That being said, If you are obscenely rich and must have a style of cheap mass produced shoe that is unsuited to your foot, I suppose this service would be for you.
ato_de, Mar 27 2005

       Maintain a database of peoples foot shape and sizes, and have someone with your style feet break them in for you.   

       "That red shoe on my right foot? Yeah, I'm on the clock this week".
normzone, Mar 02 2007

       I'm currently breaking in my feet to fit my new shoes so this idea gets a + from me.
DrBob, Jun 05 2007


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