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beta-fit super-shod bags

stretch shoes using (n)ice technology
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on a recent trip uptown to meet some halfbakers, I wore some new shoes that were a bit on the tight side. my second mistake!
by the time I got home, my feet were a bleeding mess, no kidding!

how I wished that I planned properly and had used these beta-fit super-shod bags just days earlier.

the bags come in two parts (two of each). an inner pocket made of low density polyethylene with which you line each new shoe. fill with water from the tap and seal up tight with one of those little wire things that you get with food bags. make sure that the pockets are properly sealed. then put each shoe into the outer pocket also made of a low density polyethylene. (from an ecological point of view, these pockets can be re-used either for their original purpose or for containing waste products or even as a poop-bag when walking the dog)

toss both bags into the freezer. leave for a few days to a week.

voila! nicely stretched shoes. cool!

po, Feb 15 2005

inch worm shoes - not convinced they are good for children's feet. http://www.inchwormshoe.com/
I think I am done growing [froglet] [po, Feb 16 2005]


       eh? shoe lollies.
skinflaps, Feb 15 2005

       I may just try this on my new shoes!
dentworth, Feb 15 2005

       I like the idea, so [+], but some american bloke has invented shoes that stretch with you as you grow, but only to a certain extent, still, bun it!
froglet, Feb 15 2005

       po, I feel your pain and therefore I am tossing a steaming croissant in your general direction.
salachair, Feb 15 2005

       Be careful not to mix up the ones just used when walking your dog with those you're about to stuff into your new shoes.
hippo, Feb 15 2005

       Why not buy shoes that fit?
angel, Feb 15 2005

       you know how it is, angel. some hot days, the old feet puff up. one of my feet is a tad smaller than the other.
po, Feb 15 2005

       //Why not buy shoes that fit?//   

       Because that's not what being a woman is about, angel. If the shoes fitted and were comfy, they'd be ugly.   

       And the only thing worse than shredded feet is a pair of ugly shoes.
salachair, Feb 15 2005


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