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Emergency Morse Tap Shoes

Safety Device for Dancers
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These clever shoes look remarkable like normal tap shoes - but they have a secret. When activated, every heel to toe tap and shuffle is transmitted to a beacon on top of the dance studio/music hall, that then relays to the authorities.

This is handy for dancing spies as well as this rare but possible scenario : your star dancer has been trapped beneath several tonnes of rubble during an earthquake at the Albert Hall - once activated, the tap, tap, tapping of the shoes in morse code will guide search and rescue teams to their location.

Comes in navy and cinnamon.

benfrost, May 22 2005


DesertFox, May 22 2005

       Maybe they'll try that in the next 007 movie.
squogglewonker, May 22 2005

       This would be more interesting if proposed as a more fun way for telegraphers to work, instead of just tapping the morse code with their fingers.   

       Also an alternative: tapped telegrams instead of their sung version (is "sung" a word?).   

Pericles, May 22 2005


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