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Customizable Apple

You know that pretty glowing apple out the top of the Apple laptop?
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The one reason i find the iBook so cool is because it has a glowing image of Apple on the outside. But if you notice the inside of the apple is merely glowing with lots of empty space. What is it had a small LCD behind the glowing apple and one could write his name on the laptop and it displays it within the Apple. I thought it would be cool for a while. Actually one should be able to display any short message... Even a logo… I guess.
nomadic_wonderer, Jan 23 2004

(???) Happy Apple http://www.igamegra...-chime-toy-fun.html
[k_sra, Oct 04 2004]

we miss rainbow too. http://www.btintern...~acbarrett/0315.jpg
[po, Oct 04 2004]

I miss Rainbow too. http://www.ssmt-rev...269&showReview=true
[gnomethang, Oct 04 2004]

something similar http://www.microsof...ryone/sideshow.mspx
Windows Vista laptop. [BJS, Jun 27 2006]

Tronbook http://www.applefri...com/hacks/tronbook/
[tcarson, Jun 27 2006]


       //You know that pretty glowing apple out the top of the Apple laptop?//   

       No, I don't. Is it kind of like the Happy Apple?
k_sra, Jan 23 2004

       It does have an LCD behind it, but it’s facing the wrong way.   

       (If it did have and LCD facing the right way, I would give it rainbow stripes to make it look like the Apple logo of yore.)
AO, Jan 23 2004

       [AO] thats exactly why i wanted the feature.. I miss the rainbows!!
nomadic_wonderer, Jan 23 2004

       Why are there so many songs about rainbows?
dijontoothpaste, Jan 23 2004

       My family has a Happy Apple heirloom. All of my brother and sisters used it while bathing when we were kids and now it goes to grandkids. I get it soon for baby babyhawk. :)
babyhawk, Jan 23 2004

       Great idea, but the ideas expressed here explain why they're not doing it... It's their logo! Oh, and about the songs about rainbows, it's because of the gold at its feet.
sidi, Jan 24 2004

       All of us under its spell. We know that it's probably magic...
k_sra, Jan 24 2004

       I think that would be cool.....make your name so you know whose ibook it is...great   

       Also check out and join my message boards at http://u-g-l.board.dk3.com something for everyone
Quicksilver, Jan 24 2004

       Is a happy apple a happle?
benjamin, Jan 25 2004

       "Somewheeeeere oveeeeer the rainbooooow my computer is crashing..."
Eugene, Jan 25 2004

       [benjamin], what about an appy?
bookends, Jun 09 2005

       I like it. Unfortunately the chances of Apple relinquishing any control over their immaculate branding and styling are quite frankly nil. After all, that's what people pay them for.
wagster, Jun 09 2005

       [nomadic], if you have an ibook, there are a number of things you can do to change the apple. because it's a clear plastic piece with a white diffuser paper behind it, you can open up the screen and put things like lighting gels behind the apple to change its color, and you could probably improvise some sort of cover on the outside if you don't want to open it.   

       i have a pismo powerbook in my parts bin that's got a blue gel behind the apple, it's pretty cool looking. for examples, check out things like the tron book, even though it's apple is still white.
tcarson, Jun 27 2006

       there are clamshell type cell phones that have a main screen and a smaller screen on the back cover that is still visible when you fold the phone. Same idea there.
vmaldia, Jul 23 2006


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