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Das Laptop

A laptop with a keyboard that doesn't suck
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My Dell Vostro wasn't cheap, but like any other laptop, the keyboard is garbage. Proposed is a contractual relationship between Dell and Das Keyboard (or any similar companies) to make a laptop with a really nice keyboard. Perhaps IBM could come out with their own device using their Model M switches. The device might grow an extra half inch in thickness and a few inches in width, but I don't imagine the weight going up much, and it would actually be usable for a programmer.

A scroll lock button would be nice too. I use that as part of a keyboard shortcut to go full-screen in Remote Desktop.

kevinthenerd, Jan 25 2012

yup, I know how you feel,,, Buckling-spring_20laptop_20keyboard
[marked-for-deletion] redundant [FlyingToaster, Jan 25 2012]


       I've heard the 701-laptop keyboard was a nifty keyboard... but not a good keyboard.
FlyingToaster, Jan 25 2012

       I've an IBM Thinkpad with the butterfly keyboard out in my electronics-recycling bin. I found it while cleaning my sister's old house.   

       It has a ziz-zag down from between the 4 and the 5 key in steps down to the right of the M key, and the left half goes toward the user, while the right goes toward the screen, for a total of two key heights, while it closes in to save a couple key-widths or more--the 4 is next to the J when closed.   

       The screen is small and square, so compactness was good. Nowadays, I'd prefer a full-size keyboard and a screen to match. (I just don't find compactness or light weight to be that much of a factor in a laptop, what with all the smaller alternatives.)   

       (If you want the ThinkPad's keyboard, let me know. It's sticky to the touch, shedding black gick, slow to open and smells REALLY bad, but, dang, you'll be hipster.)
baconbrain, Jan 25 2012

       //A scroll lock button would be nice too// And a Das reboot button, of course.
mouseposture, Jan 25 2012

       I rather like our IBM DV9009's keyboard. Nice action, full size keys, number pad. Monstrous screen for a laptop.
RayfordSteele, Jan 26 2012

       Just caught my own error.... It's the Pause/Break screen that goes full-screen in the Windows RDC client
kevinthenerd, Jan 26 2012

       I just mentined to someone the other day that someone should figure out a clever mechanical arrangement to pull all the keys down when the lid closes. That way you could have full key movement and maybe have it be even thinner than current models. If you have a scratch proof screen, you could just have the screen compress the keys (have another switch that activates first to dissable the keyboard to avoid false keypresses).
scad mientist, Jan 26 2012


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