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Ergonomic Laptop

Display in the middle, keyboard halves on left & right
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The most common style of computer laptop has a keyboard portion which sit's on a table (or one's lap), and a screen which sticks upward from a hinge on the back of the keyboard.

I propose a laptop which has a screen section which sits flat on the table (or one's lap) and two half-keyboards attached to it on the left and right sides.

The attachments would either be via two hinges, one on each side of the screen (like the screen-keyboard hinge on a regular laptop) or using some sort of ball and socket joint, to allow the screen to be tilted upwards.

The keyboard sections would, in effect, be the two halves of an ergonomic keyboard.

The CPU would probably be behind the screen, and peripherals (CD drive, SD Cards, etc) would be inside the keyboard halves.

Obviously, the screen would need to be designed to be viewed from a significant angle.

goldbb, Aug 31 2010

Weird Laptop Designs http://www.pcadviso...3Cimg%20class=&pn=5
There are a couple designs along these lines in the article. [DIYMatt, Sep 01 2010]


       It could double as a skateboard.
Spacecoyote, Aug 31 2010

       I swear I've seen a picture of this somewhere.   

       -ah, yes there it is [link]
DIYMatt, Sep 01 2010


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