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Cylindrical Pizza

Centrifigal force keeps pizza in place while it bakes
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This pizza would be cooked in a special cylindrical pizza holder, which would be placed inside of a sufficiently tall oven.

The pizza holder would consist of a stand, a battery, and a motor, and a horizontal cylinder with the two edges turned "upwards" toward the axis.

The motor would be turned on, spinning the cylinder to some high rpm.

The pizza dough would be tossed into the cylinder, and centrifigal force would press it "flat" onto the pan.

Similarly, sauce would be poured onto the dough, and would be spread by centrifigal force.

Cheese could be sprinkled on normally.

Then, the device would be put in the oven... the wire for the motor could go through the oven's seal, just like the wire of a probe thermometer.

Serving the pizza is a little tricky, though... it requires being in orbit, to take advantage of microgravity.

goldbb, May 26 2009

Conical Pizza http://www.konopizza.com/
Its Pizza, in a cone shaped dough cup. [sprogga, May 31 2009]

combos http://slice.seriou...0721-combos-cut.jpg
[Voice, Aug 15 2010]


       I suppose this would make it easier to create Mobius Pizza or Toroidal Pizza - if you wanted to.
hippo, May 27 2009

       Excellent - you might be able to serve this on specially designed spinning cylindrical plates, or perhaps, in some kind of cunningly designed centrifugal restaurant - but if we absolutely positively must have our dinner without (potentially stomach churning) tangentially derived forces, then perhaps some kind of spaghetti or breadstick scaffolding might be employed.
zen_tom, May 27 2009

       Totally tubular, like, to the max.   

       Um, "centrifugal".   

       Several technical difficulties with the idea, but it would be fun to watch. [+]
baconbrain, May 27 2009

       The motor could be steam-, wind-up-, or battery-driven; there doesn't have to be a wire.
jutta, May 27 2009

       Most pizzas are cylindrical already.
BunsenHoneydew, May 28 2009

       I considered battery driven, but putting a battery into an oven doesn't seem like a good idea.   

       I didn't consider windup... could a spring store enough energy to do the job? I suppose that if the whole cooking process is in microgravity, then it might be enough to keep the pizza in place while cooking, but it wouldn't be able to flatten the dough and spread the sauce.   

       As for steam... wouldn't you need to discard the steam from the oven?   

       Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, only the pizzas at Muppet Labs are cylindrical... the rest of us generally have circular, square, or triangular pizzas.
goldbb, May 28 2009

       Any three dimensional object which is circular in two dimension is a cylinder - in the case of a pizza, merely a cylinder which is wider than it is tall.
BunsenHoneydew, May 31 2009

       //Centrifigal force keeps pizza in place while it bakes// <has massive "myown coriolis infarction">
4whom, May 31 2009

       Slump would kill you man, once you turned off the spin. Ever get a pizza from a delivery guy who didn't hold it flat?   

       Plus eating would be a bit anticlimactic. You'd probably just squash it then it may as well have been a conventional pizza folded in half. Maybe anteaters could manage it.   

       I think the toroidal suggestion makes good sense, with filling on the interior like a calzone. Imagine a huge donut-shaped calzone.   

       Then again, I like thin-crust pizza, so what the heck am I talking about.
rossgk, May 31 2009

       giant combo! bun!
Voice, Aug 15 2010

       //Most pizzas are cylindrical already.// Yes, I suggest a title change to "Genus 1 Pizza." (I'd suggest "Centrifugal Pizza," but everyone knows there's no such thing as centrifugal pizza.)
mouseposture, Aug 15 2010

       Cut the pizza into narrow rings and serve them like onion rings.   

       The foundry industry has well baked this. Centrugal metal casting is easy to do after you see how it's done.   

       The oven could be aranged just like a rotissorie does. With heat underneath the spinning tube/pan.
darkspeed, Aug 17 2010

       [goldbb] If you make a helical cut, couldn't you unspool a strip in the shape of an elongated rhombus, with dough on the bottom and topping on the top, like normal pizza? If you got everything adjusted exactly right, you could unspool it at one end while feeding dough in at the other, making this a continous (as opposed to batch) manufacturing process (like [hippo]'s "Continuous Pizza Oven").
mouseposture, Aug 17 2010


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