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For those *really* big get-togethers.
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(Ghod help me, but with the Rubic and Pizzamid...) Okay. It's a 12 sided pizza. Why? I don't know.

This idea could be livened up a bit by tossing all the ingredients _inside_ the shape then baking-while-rotating. Additionally, it would be cool to see the pizza delivery person try to get it into his car.

phoenix, Aug 25 2001


       Truthfully - Pizza Dough IS ready when it sounds hollow when tapped with a spoon.
thumbwax, Aug 25 2001

       O.K., it's cool, but it seems pretty impractical.   

       Messy, too.
fiftyper, Aug 25 2001

       Rotate it fast to keep the good stuff loose. Pizzanata!
The Military, Aug 26 2001

       Assuming it has to fit in a box of constant size, a dodecagonal pizza is bigger than the equivalent circular pizza or equilateral triangular pizza, but smaller than a square or hexagonal pizza.
pottedstu, Oct 22 2001

       Ahhhhhh so thats what sort of shape it is.
kaz, Oct 24 2001

       Would it be hollow or full? If it's full of ingredients and stuff you will need to rent some kind of keg tap. Either way, structural integrity is an issue.
ArtVandelay, Oct 25 2001


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