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cruncheroni pizza

pepperoni flavoured potato chip pizza
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Cheeze pizza topped with pepperoni-flavoured potato chips. Not only do you get that delightful all-american pepperoni flavour, but a much craved CRUNCH! What could be better?
jeneliyan, Nov 28 2000


       gross. However, potato chips on a turkey sandwhich, now that's a good one
DreamGoddess, Nov 29 2000

       Tasty! What about anchovy chips?
Phurge, Dec 03 2000

       There is nothing like potato chips in a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.
blahginger, Dec 03 2000

       I know! I know! Pizza flavored beer!
Wild_Mustang_Rider, Dec 04 2000

       No! No! Beer flavoured pizza, surely.
Croutons would be better for crunch value.
DrBob, Dec 04 2000

       This is certainly a solution for people who wish they carried more weight in their communities.
Ander, Dec 28 2000

       Receipt: Potato chips. Pepperoni. Place cut or whole sausage in microwave-safe bowl. Add lid and a measure of water. Steam in microwave for ten minutes. Add chips. Put bowl in regular oven for eight hours until thoroughly warmed. Remove chips; dry them. Now they are pepperoni-flavoured.
Vance, Jan 30 2001

       would deep-frying pepperoni make it crunchy? If so, that would make more sense than creating pepperoni-flavored potato chips.   

       Not that I find either idea appealing at all...
rebekkahshiri, Jun 15 2001


       I had to add this.   

       If you're ever in New Haven, CT, go to Bar. It's a bar/pizza joing, and they have marvelous mashed potato pizza. It's not crunchy or pepperoni flavored, but I thought you'd enjoy it.   

       You still get a fish from me, though ;-)
rebekkahshiri, Jan 23 2002

       Dominoes pizza in Australia now has a pizza called 'Mr. Wedge', which is a cheese pizza topped with potato wedges. It tastes alright. Needs more wedges though.
QuadAlpha, Jan 23 2002

       I don't care for potato chips as a rule. When I saw pepperoni and potato chip I was ready to vote for this as I'd like to try pepperoni-flavored potato chips. Even better with cheese.   

       Of course, that's not what this idea is about.
phoenix, Jan 23 2002


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