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droplet wave starlight mint pizza

xy plotter cuts pizza to any shape, even starlight mint; droplet ((((.)))) topping gap crust creates delicious thin style crispy edges within the circumference of the pizza
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At a previous old idea I complained that pizza has not been improved since 2001. A robotic slicer, or an xy-plotter could carve slices into any shape like starlight mints or Escheroids.

to enhance the flavor of crisp thin crust pizzas a droplet ((((.)))) shaped undulation to the crust could have high baked cheese deliciousness at repeated intervals at the pizza.

Lasers could velvetize the surface of the toppings, giving them greater flavor impact when placed in the mouth. Also a touch-up laser could microptimize baking.

I think laser velvetized cheese and veggie-pepperoni make this outside the 3d printed pizza domain.

beanangel, Sep 24 2017


       The time has indeed come for previously-impossible pizza forms.
RayfordSteele, Sep 25 2017

       this is the dream that stuff was made of.
bob, Oct 03 2017


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