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DIY Lip Clamp

Work faster with no risk of dental damage
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When working up a ladder, it is often the case that the best place to hold screws, bolts, nails etc. is in the lips or teeth.

But capacity is limited, retaining items of different sies and masses concurrently requires skill and practice, and there is the ever present risk of chipped tooth enamel or swallowing a small woodscrew.

The problem is now solved; simply order a BorgCo DIY Lip Clamp. The part held in the mouth resembles a standard gumshield or SCUBA mouthpiece; the outer portion has several rows of springy foam of various widths into which fixings can be inserted.

Under development in this product line are BorgCo Ear Hangers and matching Nostril Shelf.

8th of 7, Sep 30 2009




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