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Ear Chock

Wedge that pencil!
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Pens and pencils clipped to clipboards fall off. Pens and pencils kept in the pocket leak or get sat on and broken. Pens and pencils clipped in the top pocket make you look like a twonk. Pens and especially pencils stuck behind the ear make you look busy, capable, no-nonsense and pretty damn cool.

Problem is, they can slip out, too. When pencils wear down, it can also be difficult to keep them there unless one has exemplary ear control.

The Ear Chock is a discreet soft foam wedge contoured to fit snugly behind and around the back of the ear. A slit in the top of the wedge allows pencils or pens to be easily slipped down into the cylindrical hollow which runs through the wedge. To retrieve your pencil, simply pull it out of the front. The wedge is prevented from being pulled out along with the pencil by the ear itself.

For the bespectacled, a special edition is available which features an auxiliary small hole at the appropriate location. Slide the wedge onto the arm of your glasses and wear as normal.

Further models include the Carpenter's Ear Chock for laterally flattened pencils (for [2fries] and my fella).

squeak, Oct 19 2006


       + haha, this is cute and so practical!
xandram, Oct 19 2006

       I need a carpenters pencil version. I keep mine stuffed under the rim of my basebal cap slightly behind my ear and for some reason there is now this stripe up the back of my head that just won't turn grey.   


       Right. Off to work now.   

       Your wish is granted, [2fries].
squeak, Oct 19 2006

       cool, i'll have one too!
webfishrune, Oct 19 2006

calum, Oct 19 2006

       I have large ears, pens never stay behind them. I am not entirely sure I want to wear an aditional device on my ear but its worth a shot. A quick version could be made out of Floam.
Chefboyrbored, Oct 19 2006

       Chefboyrbored: maybe you could stick the pen *in* your ear?
DrCurry, Oct 19 2006

       This would definitely work as I use a combination of eyeglasses, hearing aids, and sometimes hat to keep my pencil in. In fact, it's getting a little crowded back thereand I'm afraid I'm going to end up like the prince you Brits got.   

       [2 fries]- have you thought about washing the graphite out of your hair or alternatively, coloring your hair graphite black? It's the new black for the season you know.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 20 2006

       //maybe you could stick the pen *in* your ear?// I belive the hole in my ear is standard size, it was more the length and ear away from head ratio I have trouble with. Enough about me.
Chefboyrbored, Oct 20 2006


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