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double sided suction pad

kinda back-to-back suction pads
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how difficult is that?

I have a wonky loo seat - I think I must just be crap at fitting the damn things or something.

what would hold it nicely is a couple or more double sided suction pads - easily removeable for cleaning purposes.

I'm sure they'd come in handy all over the place (probably baked but a quick search revealed nothing).

po, Oct 11 2006

double suction cup http://www.inventio...ction_cup/index.asp
possible solution [csea, Oct 11 2006]


       In the States, they're called "suction cups." And they are available in double sided. [link]   

       I thought maybe you meant a pad of them (like bubble wrap, but with double suction cups.) That would be cool! Cut to size with scissors.   

csea, Oct 11 2006

       excellent. well done Charles. I wonder if I can get them here.   

       perhaps we should convert this idea to your lovely suction sheets. or you can do it of course!
po, Oct 11 2006

       It's like those bath mats that have many little suction cups on one side. If they were on both sides, then I think my little buggers 1 & 2 would not be able to get out of the bath. Hey, that's not such a bad idea...
Ling, Oct 11 2006

       Used to see soap holders like this, made a really satisfying sound with the water, soap and suction.
cblunds, Oct 12 2006

       [po] Thank you, you may do the honors.
csea, Oct 12 2006

       [po] where did you come up with this idea?
zen_tom, Oct 12 2006


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