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DNA scanner for the whole family

Fun things you can do around the house with a DNA scanner
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It is quiet possible DNA scanner can be produced in such scale that it is affordable as a toy in the future. I want to think of fun way to use it now.

a. determine genetic make up of your food to see if they are indeed farm grow or the same mass produced geneticly modified version the super market have.

b. determine which neighbor's cat impregnate yours (child support, maybe).

c. Find what other species have been living in your house by analysising sample collected on the floor.

bing, Mar 20 2002


       . . . or see if there are peanuts or peanut by-products in your food.
bristolz, Mar 20 2002

       "Daddy, test my DNA again!"
*#@$% &+!*
"Mommy, why does Daddy always get mad when I want him to test my DNA again?"
thumbwax, Mar 20 2002

       I would add the function of combining 2 or more samples and producing an image (dear god hopefully only an image) of what the combination would be. Let's see, a bedbug, pudding and my neighbor's wife.
dag, Mar 20 2002

       added benefit of being able to read the advertizing that was sequenced into your DNA.
rbl, Mar 20 2002

       Why, to finally discover you are adopted?
mcscotland, Mar 20 2002

       (Obligatory 'get your cat neutered' post.) (and a pastry.)
angel, Mar 21 2002

       c. intrigues me. I would love to know what creatures have been living in my house.
brewmaster, Mar 21 2002

       have you forgotten which was which, Mephista? Getting pretty crowded down in that basement.
po, Mar 21 2002

       obligatory comment:

- gattica
quarterbaker, Mar 21 2002

       God bless you.   

       Calvin: "Yours!"
Dad: "erk."
Calvin: "Just kidding ... hahahah"
reensure, Mar 21 2002


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