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Empiric diabetic planner app

Reminds you to take the blood tests, tells you how much insulin etc
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This is an app that can connect to the glocometer.

1. It reminds you to take your blood test.

2. It determines the curve by 3 consecutive (10 minutes apart) blood tests. Then another one later for correction.

3. It tells you how much insulin to take and how many calories and carbs you should be eating, with/without excercize, with/without sleep.

4. Optionally, you can choose from a style of diets, and it proposes your meals (and what you need from the store for that)

5. It reminds you to exercise and tells you how much would be healthy for you. It can offer various types of exercises and advertises Feldenkrais etc.

6. It reminds you to get to sleep on time, and to set a schedule (which is important for diabetics).

7. You heuristically (* see below) tell it what you're eating, and how much insulin you actually used and when.


Rather than putting in each part of the meal, just say what you ate: A big tuna sandwich. It will assume everything for you and list it so you can correct them. It will remember your choices and learn from them. It will be WITHOUT numbers.

pashute, Jan 31 2017


       I wondered why it was so enthusiastic about checking my blood. Then I realized I actually had the vampiric diabetic planner app.
bungston, Jan 31 2017

       I thought this was going to be a personal adapative glycemic response invention. different people respond differently to things *like* bread and potatoes. (published somewhere, although bread and potatoes are a made up example) for some bread is worse, for others, potatoes. If you eat a meal, describe the meal to the app, then measure blood sugar the app could interpolate the responses and a person could find out which high glycemic foods are worst for them, and if fortunate, find carbohydrates with notably les effect on their glycemic response.   

       Such an app would be beneficial to normoglycemic persons as well as lower blood sugar numbers are associated with minimized cardiovascular disease and aging.
beanangel, Jan 31 2017

       Of course [bean]. That's Item #4. As advertised.
pashute, Feb 01 2017


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