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DNS for phone numbers

I happen to change phone numbers often, cause...
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I travel, and data plans are way better in some countries than the international plans, and they make sense for longer stays, which happen to me.

So, think of phone numbers like IP addresses, and create a DNS record type to link domains to a phone numbers.

Why? Well, in my experience, it is quite often that I register somewhere, and then do 2FA verification, and then I lose the phone, because I spend more than 6 months of not using that phone number.

I'm using a redirect to phone URL and a TXT record right now, but the systems that send verification SMS messages don't have a default way to determine that my phone is tied to a domain name, and we can't make a call by typing a domain name instead of phone number into phone dialing pad.

Coming up with a special record type for DNS, for that purpose, and proposed on IETF as an RFC, would it more likely that phone manufacturers and OS developers would support it, and we would not have to remember phone numbers, like we don't have to remember IP addresses.

Inyuki, Sep 19 2019


       + although this is soon to be obsolete thanks to voip
ixnaum, Sep 19 2019


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