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Interplanetary Wide Web

Interplanetary Wide Web
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Please, throw in some completely trivial http server on one of them rovers, just have it return 200 or something.

Sure the hits will queue up, but we'll finally be able to do something with that first W.

theircompetitor, Feb 05 2004

IWW http://iww.org/
Despite having a neat logo, there's a reason why this organizations's web page is liberally doused in red. And it has nothing to do with Mars, the Red Planet. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]

(?) Even Topper Level Domains http://www.halfbake...r_20Level_20Domains
Rods Tiger addressing the DNS issues of an interplanetary internet. [st3f, Oct 04 2004]

The Interplanetary Internet Project http://www.ipnsig.org/home.htm
Apparently, I'm not the only one who cares (sniff) [theircompetitor, Apr 20 2008]

NASA's Interplanetary Internet http://www.engadget...s-vint-cerf-triump/
[theircompetitor, Nov 19 2008]

Google launching IPP http://www.popsci.c...internet-space-year
[theircompetitor, Feb 20 2011]

Curiousity "checks in" from Mars http://techcrunch.c...ursquare-from-mars/
[theircompetitor, Oct 03 2012]

Interplanetary Internet http://www.foxnews....planetary-internet/
[theircompetitor, Nov 09 2012]

Now, with Paypal payments http://money.cnn.co...galactic/index.html
[theircompetitor, Jun 27 2013]

High speed internet coming to the moon http://www.foxnews....ess-coming-to-moon/
[theircompetitor, Jun 04 2014]

galactic internet https://www.inverse...&utm_medium=inverse
[theircompetitor, Jul 25 2017]

Wikipedia article https://en.wikipedi...rplanetary_Internet
[notexactly, Aug 15 2017]

4G for the moon https://www.livesci...mobile-network.html
[theircompetitor, Feb 27 2018]

Musk, Mars, Internet, what else https://www.the-sun...nk-satellites-mars/
[theircompetitor, Oct 24 2020]


       It should be MWW, but it sure would be fun to download pictures straight from the rover. Perhaps you can find something else to flip the other two Ws. Mars Munching Maniac wouldn't make much sense though.
kbecker, Feb 05 2004

       Hmm -- I'm just looking for the Web to reach beyond the planet.   

       I think the Mars thing might just have to settle for a new suffix, after they declare independence.   

       And of course ditto on the direct download -- actually driving it around might be nice, too.
theircompetitor, Feb 05 2004

       You'd might need to rewrite your browser, though, as they tend to wait only between 20 and 30 seconds for a response.
st3f, Feb 05 2004

       st3f -- that time is typically site specific, even page specific. You can create a page that never ends -- I've done it to simulate push.   

       jurist -- if need be, we'll stomp all over the proletariat. And we can always fall back on gww or uww, and at worst, lcww for local cluster wide web
theircompetitor, Feb 05 2004

       Whoa there tc. I'm talking about the time the browser will wait if it hears *nothing* back from an IP address. It cannot be site specific as nothing has yet been communicated from the site.   

       Since Mars is, at closest, several light-minutes away from earth, the http request will not have been received by the server before your browser times out.   

       It's not a killer blow -- it's just a matter of writing a browser with a configurable time-out, so that it will wait long enough for a response. Oh yeah, that and interplanetary bandwidth getting a little cheaper. Hopefully we'll all have dropped the www thing by then anyway.
st3f, Feb 05 2004

       st3f -- point taken -- we'll have to make the proxy fake it for the initial set up
theircompetitor, Feb 05 2004

       I don't think I've ever read anything like this in sci-fi.
>posters at spaceport: Mars Delay browser updates for your laptop - 53 Lowells.<
Zimmy, Apr 30 2005

       //I don't think I've ever read anything like this in sci-fi.// I read something like this in /A Fire Upon the Deep/ by Vernor Vinge. The core of the "web" equivalent was sentient, independent, and had a memorandum of understanding with humans.
Adze, Apr 30 2005

       I came here to post a link to the Industrial Workers of the World. [jurist] beat me to it. A fishbone for disappointment.   

       BTW, you missed the grammatical point of the naming of the World Wide Web. It doesn't describe a "Wide Web" of the "World", but rather a "Web" which is "World Wide". "Interplanetary" is an adjective, thus "Interplanetary Wide" makes no sense, therefore you mean a "Wide Web" which is "Interplanetary". This is gramatically unwieldy and redundant and would make the Baby Jesus cry if he spoke English, which he probably doesn't. If you're going to propose an idea like this, it would have to be the Interplanetary Web or maybe the Galaxy Wide Web.
disbomber, Apr 30 2005

       Instead of it returning 200, how about 300, the movie. This is IWW!
leif980, Apr 21 2008

       SWW- System Wide Web
MechE, Oct 03 2012

       First of all, "World Wide" should shirley be "Worldwide", making it the "WW".
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 03 2012

       I'm still waiting for some religious crank to come up with the straight and narrow web...
RayfordSteele, Nov 09 2012

       sp. strait and narrow.
spidermother, Nov 09 2012

       //It's not a killer blow -- it's just a matter of writing a browser with a configurable time-out, so that it will wait long enough for a response.   

       Easier to just reverse-engineer one off a tripod.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 29 2013

       FFF (fun false fact). Since the invention of the web, the letter "w" has been pronounced out loud more times than in all previous human history.
AusCan531, Jun 30 2013

       eh ?
FlyingToaster, Jun 30 2013

       // FFF (fun false fact). Since the invention of the web, the letter "w" has been pronounced out loud more times than in all previous human history. //   

       Another fact, of uncertain funness: Using the letter's conventional English name, "WWW" has three times as many syllables as "World Wide Web".   

       (That's one reason I think the letter needs a better name.)
notexactly, Aug 15 2017

       Only 16 years. Odds decent the next 16 will see it...
theircompetitor, Oct 24 2020

       Surely "world" has a vaguer and wider semantical spread than "planet earth"?
pocmloc, Oct 24 2020


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