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Domain Name Trading

Trading for fun, not profit
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Domain names are cheap. So cheap that squatters will put together any words that make sense (or don't) and sit on the dot-com.

Creative people are getting the picture. Many people I know have started buying fun domain names without any specific intentions, just to reserve the name in case a project comes up that needs it.

So I propose a domain trading website where people can post their "haves". If you see something you like, propose a trade. Tell the current owner about the project you have in mind. Offer up some domains of your own, or recognition on the website-to-be. To protect the spirit of the site, monetary transactions are banned.

Paradoxically, I need to find someone with the perfect domain to bake this.

calculust, Jul 27 2009

http://twitter.com/...e/status/2299159175 "We need domain name swap meets where we can trade old brilliant/flawed ideas for new possibilities (also while drunk)" [jutta, Jul 29 2009]

Namepool http://namepool.org/
Baked by poster! [calculust, Jan 29 2010]



       thar ya go.
FlyingToaster, Jul 27 2009

       Clever - bun.
wagster, Jul 29 2009

       I baked this! Using namepool.org
calculust, Jan 29 2010

       [calculust], good stuff, and I wish you well in your baking, but most people visiting your site won't have any idea what it is for. Maybe a description page would help?   

       (I'll be adding a domain or two later)
HalfJack, Jan 31 2010


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