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DVD Glasses

Discreetly watch a film
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To the onlooker, you are wearing reflective shades. To you, you are watching your favourite film on DVD! The screen stretches across the two lenses, so you don't see it twice, but different parts of the screen (the right and left). Earphones would be at the end, connected to where they sit on your ear, and controls at the side on the bar. The DVD would sit in your coat pocket or in a bag, with a remote link, such as a wireless mouse uses.
Bugsy, Oct 18 2002

At the dentist's http://www.pacificd...h/video_glasses.htm
And no doubt all over the place too [sild, Oct 18 2002]


       Do you really think no-one's thought of this before?
sild, Oct 18 2002

       you could try and make it original by having each eyepiece display a slightly different picture, thus making the image 3D   

       Oh wait, that's been done, too.
yamahito, Oct 18 2002


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