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DVD Fast-Start Logo

One for the consumer organisations to get hold of.
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Design a logo that can be put on DVDs that can start the film with minimum delay and few button-pushes. Something like:
Gold logo: Can start watching the film in under five seconds by just pushing one button.
Silver logo: Can start watching the film in under ten seconds with two or fewer button pushes.
Bronze logo: blah blah twenty blah, three blah.

Create a standards body (or use an existing respected body) that controls these logos. They charge a certain amount for using them on packaging, test DVDs that use the logos and ruthlessly sue the pants of those that misuse the logos.

Finally I can choose to watch that DVD that starts the film without making me sit through what seems like hours of warnings (which could, after all, be put on the packaging) and occasionally trailers (which I enjoy watching, but at a time that *I* choose), followed by several thousand button pushes to do what surely must be the default activity: watching the film.

st3f, Apr 28 2005

DVD fast-forward-menu lock DVD_20fast-forward-menu_20lock
supercat's related idea; a way of navigating the menu faster. [st3f, Apr 28 2005]

Licence Agreement Protocol Licence_20Agreement_20Protocol
Related idea by um... me (not that I'm obsessing or anything). How to skip the warnings by pre-agreeing what rights you assert and what you are willing to waive. [st3f, Apr 28 2005]

DVD player with "EZ Play": http://www.amazon.c...ctronics&vi=reviews
This player finds the movie on DVD, skipping the intro stuff. So you can overlook its design tackiness. [Amos Kito, Apr 29 2005]

DVD Shrink: http://www.dvdshrink.org/what.html
It's half of what you need to copy your DVDs. It can make a disc that contains only the movie. [Amos Kito, Apr 29 2005, last modified Apr 30 2005]


       Ever get one that just starts? I love that. Generally only happens with older movies. These days I pop in the DVD a while before I plan on watching it. I let it entertain itself for a good 20 minutes, and it's found the title menu by the time I turn on my TV.
Worldgineer, Apr 28 2005

       I never have that problem. Mine always just start right up. Never have to sit through anything.   

       Must have a funky dvd player or something.
waugsqueke, Apr 28 2005

       Here's what my husband has noted: If you let the player play for a bit and then hit stop twice and then play you are immediately taken to the opening of the movie, bypassing the previews, ads and splash menu. This may be a function of our specific DVD system but it seems to work consistently.
bristolz, Apr 28 2005

       Ours has an 'info' button on the remote that brings up the opening menu instantly. Pressing play there starts the movie right away. Never seen a preview or an ad ever.
waugsqueke, Apr 29 2005

       I have run into those DVDs that disallow the "info" button operation during previews and ads.
bristolz, Apr 29 2005

       I've also seen ones that disallow fast forward or next track. I'll try the double-stop, play trick.
Worldgineer, Apr 29 2005

       [bristolz]: I tried the stop twice thing on my DVD player, and it worked. Thank you.
yabba do yabba dabba, May 03 2005

       I know someone who copies DVDs for the sole purpose of removing the copyright notice, so he doesn't have to sit through it. If the copyright notice wasn't there, he wouldn't bother to copy them.
nineteenthly, May 03 2005

       [bristolz] Thank you, thank you, thank you. The 2 stop then play even worked on the impenetrable "Thomas and the Jet Engine," which had several minutes of pure hell to sit through before I could leave the room to get the dishes done while the kids drool on the couch.
oxen crossing, May 03 2005

       instead of pressing stop or whatever, why not just watch regular tv? most dvd players these days have channel buttons on the remote to watch TV.
HAK, Dec 24 2005

       That's an idea, but what if you want to watch the entire first season of Carnivale? Most channels don't seem to be too interested with that sort of thing.... unfortunately.
Honduras, Dec 24 2005


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