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DVD freak-ometer

A DVD feature that allows custom sensoring....
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Have you ever put in a Disney movie that gives your 2 year old a panic attack? My son loves the animation, and even the basic story line. Often, however, the story line is more than he can handle - or even if he can, I can't. I would like a check box at the beginning that allows me to remove items at my discretion. No violence - check, No main characters die - check. Granted "Lilo & Stitch" would end up being a 5 minute movie, but by the time he's 30 he could watch it in it's entirety.
DickWeed, Feb 24 2003

The Screen Gems "S" logo http://www.jsf3.homestead.com/
Further to what DrCurry says. You never know what will give kids the willies. There are a surprising number of sites about production company logos causing terror in children. I have to admit I always found this one unsettling. It's that music. (Though the ITC diamonds on Thunderbirds and Space:1999 is definitely the worst... terrifying.) [waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004]

Granular PC-based DVD Censoring http://www.clearplay.com/index.asp
Never used it, but I've read that ClearPlay offers pretty granular control. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

Roger Ebert's opinion of ClearPlay http://www.suntimes...sunday-ebert09.html
About halfway down the page. "What purpose does it serve for a child to see "8 Mile" after the ClearPlay software has cleaned it up? What are they left with? What do they get from it? " I totally agree with him. [waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004]

Granular DVD Censoring http://www.moviemask.com/index.php
It looks like you have to buy their DVD player, though. Don't appear to be any "no main character gets killed", but you should be able to figure that out from the review. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       When it comes to the under-five set, *anything* can trigger extended panic. My own son burst into tears at the love duet in Lady and the Tramp (the howling dogs sounded like they were crying), and refused to ever watch the film again. Try censoring that one out!   

       I agree with bliss: the world is a scary place, and children must face scary, sad and bewildering experiences and learn how to cope with them in order to survive in the real world.   

       On the other hand, Ace Ventura Pet Detective features a gratuitously graphic sex scene (no skin, but humping galore). Funny for adults but I would much rather my son (six, by then) had not seen it. We saw it in a cinema, of course, so no v-chips could have helped with that one.   

       A service very similar to this idea has been Baked, but my Google searches only turn up porn sites (go figure).
DrCurry, Feb 24 2003

       [Mr Burns] While I see your point, I think you may have missed mine. I am suggestions that you responsible folks CAN let your two year olds watch the movie in it's entirety, but those of us who are irresponsible can choose what we would like to see - or not see. The idea is, instead of dumbing down an entire move - just give me options. Beyond that, I do preview what my son watches, and then I watch with him and skip the questionable parts as I see fit.
DickWeed, Feb 24 2003

       Regarding homoginized children. Respectfully I must disagree. A 2yr old internalizes the "negative" in an irrational way. They don't yet have the capacity to deal with complex issues. All psych aside, the ritual in our house is a half hour of a favorite childrens dvd just before bed. It's warm & fuzzy family time, not school-of-hard-knocks time. Believe it or not I'm actually with you when it comes to informed children. But there's a better place & time.
DickWeed, Feb 24 2003

       waugs: there is certainly little point in letting your child watch an edited version of a film that relies on sex or violence or graphic language to tell the story (i've also seen the censored version of Saving Private Ryan pilloried). But there are many films with one or two iffy bits and otherwise highly acceptable plot lines (see my earlier posting). A scene-by-scene rating and/or censoring system would certainly be useful there.   

       bliss: you can't tell me you never sat and watched any television or films with your daughter.
DrCurry, Feb 24 2003

       Ever go to pick her up from a play date to discover the other family's baby-sitter is letting them watch Clockwork Orange?
DrCurry, Feb 24 2003


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