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DVD and video

mix them together
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You can buy a mini hi-fi/stereo etc which incorporates a CD player and a cassette. As far as I can see, a DVD is the visual version of a CD, and the videotape, the equivalent of a cassette. If you can buy stereo systems then why not a DVD video?

Then you could buy DVD films and all the other things you use a DVD for, computing etc, but still record (TV programmes, DVD films) onto a videotape, all on one machine. Simple.

baby_steffee, Apr 03 2001

Only $399.99 http://www.thinkgee...ff/things/3655.html
Baked. [PotatoStew, Apr 03 2001]

Or... http://www.beststuf...les/20000620154516/
Throw in a CD player for no extra charge. [PotatoStew, Apr 03 2001]


       Keep trying, baby_steffee... just remember to check Google before posting. And welcome to the site!
PotatoStew, Apr 04 2001

       I've seen one, but I'm still figuring out how Macrovision fits into all this.   

       (For those who don't know, Macrovision is a type of copy protection that creates highly annoying picture distortion if you try to record DVD to tape. This is why DVD manuals say not to route your DVD through your VCR. So in an all-in-one box, is there a bypass or something?)
mrkillboy, Apr 04 2001

       [marked-for-deletion] condumer advice. (I have a cold)
st3f, Oct 22 2002


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