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DVD of Infomercial HighLights

Products Gone Wild!
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There is something bizarrely addicting and hypnotic about infomercials. So how about a DVD with clips of the 30 best infomercials ever (with over half by Ron Popiel)?

Of course, there would be an infomercial selling this product (for $19.95 of course, and if you act now, you get an extra DVD free, plus some kitchen gadget).

And if some of the products were still being sold, the manufacturers of those products may actually subsidize the production of the DVD (since the DVD would act as additional marketing).

SparkBugg, Jan 10 2007

Will this be on it? http://www.youtube....watch?v=YG_3XQ0cGF4
[zeno, Jan 10 2007]

Or this? http://www.youtube....ch?v=M8akCt7zHmI&NR
[zeno, Jan 10 2007]


       This has possibilities, but as someone who's seen less than a dozen infomercials in his life, I'm curious how you'd define 'best' in this context: The most useful products, or the most pointless products, or the most ridiculous products? The best acting or the most ridiculous acting? The most poetically bizarre scripts, or the ones with most scope for lewd misinterpretations? The infomercials that generated the highest sales, or the most complaints? The infomercials with the most gratuitous use of custard?
imaginality, Jan 10 2007

       Maybe a collection of the weirdest and most awkward infomercials out there? Shortened, to maybe ten minutes each. I've seen some pretty weird infomercials, usually having to do with awful acting ("And I just made a cheese omlette in five seconds!" "Wow, I would totally use the Kitchen Wizard EVERY DAY if I HAD ONE! BOY, I WANT ONE!")...   

Abusementpark, Jan 10 2007

       I'll take 30 minutes of that blender reducing glass marbles to dust.
angel, Jan 10 2007

       There was this product, I don't remeber the name. It had a thousand little figures like hearts and leaves and everything that you could in some way attach to your clothing or your bed sheets or your curtains or whatever. It was an awfull product and an awfull presentation.   

       Then came a truly brilliant moment. They had just said that instead of putting the stuff on your clothes you could use it to make "paintings" and hang them on the wall. So the guy said: "IF YOU PUT A FRAME AROUND IT IT'S ART!"   

       And indeed that is the final defenition of art.   

       Big+ on the idea.
zeno, Jan 10 2007

       I love how business infomercials reduce "From the comfort of your own home" to about two syllables.
phundug, Jan 10 2007


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