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Formula Chilton

A1GP + DTM + Le Mans + Formula One + GP Masters = Formula Chilton
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Formula Chilton v F1

So, after a few pots of coffee this morning I came up with an equation for the Greatest Motorsport Spectacular of all Time. And it goes something like this: A1GP + DTM + Le Mans + Formula One + GP Masters = Formula Chilton.

First, I'd lift World Cup of Motorsports vibe from the A1GP series because the essential concept of nations going head-to-head is sound and should, if handled correctly, arouse some patriotic fervour among the spectators.

Next up. The drivers. Ferrari aside, fans follow drivers - not countries. Look at Ferrari, with all those Italians following that German with as much patriotism as the Pope, imagine that Italians liking the germens!

So there's little point in having a country vs. country format if the drivers are unknown. This is where we add a snifter of GP Masters into the mix. Representing each country should be an acknowledged, but retired or inactive, motorsport 'name'. Nigel Mansell for Great Britain or Niki Lauda from Austria, for instance. These drivers will share their car with a 'young-gun'. This means pitstops and driver changes, like Le Mans, and the associated human-interest story that comes with the master/apprentice vibe.

The car will be something overpowered, undergripped and capable of withstanding some serious bumping-and-barging. Single-seaters, while ultimately the quickest cars on the planet, tend to break when they get involved in a scuffle with another car, so it's got to be some kind of saloon car - like a DTM racer but without all the wings and fins and fancy gearboxes.

We want manual 'boxes, around 600bhp, rear-wheel drive and no traction control. The new V8 BMW M3, race prep'd, comes to mind. BMW might be persuaded to get involved; the M1 Procar series back in the late 70s for then-current F1 racers was a massive huge success.

It's a pity that the only thing we can steal from F1 is the calendar, but that's what I'm suggesting here. Formula Chilton will be a support package for F1, if Bernie can be convinced. A qualifying race (note 'race' not qualifying laps) will take place on the underused Friday session, with a sprint race on Saturday and a feature event on Sunday.

Just think of the poster:

'Damon Hill for Great Britain vs. Michael Schumacher of Germany. Equal cars. Rookie teammates. 75 laps of the legendary Monaco circuit. One winner.'

Anyone got Bernie’s Ellecostone number?

Dmedia, Feb 19 2007


       lol - I could always stalk him ???
Dmedia, Feb 19 2007

       //fans follow drivers - not countries.//

Not necessarily; I follow a team, and while I cheered a Finnish driver last year, I'll be cheering a Spaniard and a Brit this year (and hoping that said Finn comes last).
angel, Feb 19 2007

       //Italians following that German//
That's not *that* unheard of...
Jinbish, Feb 19 2007

       I can't help yawning just a little bit whenever I think about motorsport. Sure, I enjoy taking part, and there's nothing like the smell of sweat and hydrocarbons, and the feel of the heat shimmering up from freshly rubberised asphalt. But I really don't get any enjoyment at all from watching. Perhaps a bit more argy-bargy is what's required - so bun for that part.   

       The bit that's missing in my opinion is the technical development aspect. One of the only good things about F1 (because, on the whole, it's shite) is that the strict rules, and large budgets mean that the F1 R&D spend is stupendous - it's unfortunate that it's all clouded in secrecy because it would be more interesting to listen to the engineers talking about their latest developments than it is watching all those cars go round and round and round.   

       The only actually enjoyable part of any F1 race is the first 30 seconds where they all start, and some of them crash. After that, in terms of interest, it goes way downhill.
zen_tom, Feb 19 2007

       [zen_tom] Possibly an F1 in which points were given for the number of other teams' cars you caused to spin off, as well as for winning, would be more interesting to watch.
hippo, Feb 19 2007

       Maybe they should run F1 in the same way as I used to play Indy 500, way back when. The last qualifier starts the race facing away from the rest of the grid and has to drive full pelt into the oncoming traffic halfway round the track.
calum, Feb 19 2007

       Personally I think all motorsports using combustion engines should be scrapped in sake of environment.   

       Instead they should be racing electric cars which would contribute to the development of the new technology.   

       The harder part would be to attract the average petrolhead to watch this new quieter sport?
Pellepeloton, Feb 19 2008

       Sounds sort of like Speedcar Series new this year.   

       600hp, rear wheel drive, closed wheel stock cars, international flair, and Jean Alesi as a driver.   

       I think the series was made to address a number of the issues you raise.   

       As well, traction control and all electronic aids leave F1 as of this season.   

       Good idea [+]
Giblet, Feb 19 2008

       //Possibly an F1 in which points were given for the number of other teams' cars you caused to spin off, as well as for winning, would be more interesting to watch.//

It's called a Demolition Derby and, if you've ever been to see one, it's a hoot and the only really worthwhile motorsport.
DrBob, Feb 19 2008


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