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Dungeons and Dragons: Advanced Decimal Edition!
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Take all of the confusing numbers and statistics in the popular pen-and-paper game and use decimals!

Example: "I rolled a 12.63443637 on my attack so I hit you because your armor class is only 6.23463301. Now I roll for damage aaaaandd*rolls dice* Booyah! I hit you for 19.6234467544" "Oh man, I only have .92346335 hit points left! I use potion of minor healing foooor*rolls dice* 21.6234576 points of healing"

Obviously the dice would have to be removed and replaced with a specially designed calculator that did nothing but compute dice rolls and add and subtract hit points.

This idea came to me because I know a lot of people like to play thinking games and it seems the only way to make a thinking game more "fun" is to make it more complicated and confusing.
scott_r_uber, Nov 12 2005


       So you want to "improve" this game by making it "more complicated and confusing" - please don't waste our time.
DrCurry, Nov 12 2005

       //it seems the only way to make a thinking game more "fun" is to make it more complicated and confusing.//   

       It would seem as though you've missed the point.
zen_tom, Nov 12 2005

       [DrCurry], to some who like thinking games convoluting it with more numbers to make it more realistic or accurate (as was my intent with extending the number range to include decimals) actually makes it more fun. Obviously, these games don't "click" with you (which they don't for me either) because you see making the game more mentally taxing as a bad thing. I personally could care less, I've never had a passion for these types of games, but I do find the idea a bunch of people trying to play a game like this to be very humorous.

and I would have to consent [zen_tom], that I do miss the point of games like this when I could easily pick up a PC based version that does all the work while I do all the play, like Neverwinter Nights or something along those lines.
scott_r_uber, Nov 12 2005

       The point of a role-playing game is just that, role-playing. You aren't trying to make it more realistic, that would be silly. Dragons are realistic? What you are doing is acting a part. True gamers are better actors than most of the people you see on TV, because there is no script, you have to make decisions based on what not you but your character would do, without anyone telling you what to say.
elvinpixie, Nov 12 2005

       Looks like a rant to me. Did someone whup your ass?   

       //more complicated and confusing// well, there are different kinds of complication aren't there? A game can be a test of memory, a test of spatial awareness (esp. but not uniquely computer games), a test of communication or diplomatic skills, etc., etc. This idea seems to swap mathematical complication for some other form. That's gonna change the nature of the game, shifting the bias to favour mathematical skill. Personally, I like my games complicated, but I'm not liking this.
moomintroll, Nov 12 2005

       Indeed. On-line/computer role playing games seem to degenerate to exactly what scott_r_uber is describing whereas a good role-play game has as little die rolling as possible.
DrBob, Nov 14 2005

       Dungeons & Dragons Calculator
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -
A small electronic device that in many ways looks like a standard scientific calculator. On closer inspection it has several small LCD screens that correspond to inputs and a list of functions that aren't likely to feature in any exam: To-hit-armour-class 0, reflex save etc.

       This device is designed to aid a games master when hosting a face to face roleplaying session. It helps remove some of the lookup tables and offers possibilities for random number generation. Of course, the players may wish to roll dice themselves, so the input system is flexible.   

       (I'm looking to see if this device exists already)
Jinbish, Nov 14 2005

       Aw, gwan, post it, and let someone else do the searching! [For the record, it is entirely possible that DrCurry may have programmed his calculator in school to serve as a multi-sided dice. Not that DrCurry would ever admit to having played D&D.]
DrCurry, Nov 14 2005


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