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Anti-Christ Chess

Chess meets religion
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Instead of conventional black and white players Anti-Christ Chess features the Devil plus his cohort of demons challenging God and his angels.

The traditional King and Queen are replaced with a single Holy Trinity that can split apart into separate pieces, although the Holy Ghost part is an inert figure that just occupies any square on which it is placed.

On the Devil's side there is an unholy alliance of Belzeebub and Lilith.

Each piece on the board has additional powers (i.e. resurrecting a dead pawn; converting a Dark Coach Horse (knight) into "My Little Pony" or turning a bishop into a closet paedophile).

Captured pieces will go into appropriately styled boxes corresponding to heaven and hell..... one sits above the playing board at the top of a ladder, and the other one is accessed via a set of smoking doors under the table.

[m-f-d] Echo - Anarchist Chess/anti religious rant

xenzag, Nov 01 2007

Chaos http://www.spectrum.lovely.net/Chaos.html
This one's with wizards. [zen_tom, Nov 01 2007]


       This game might be more fun than regular chess.
BJS, Nov 01 2007

       Blasphemy. The limitations of ordinary chess are your own.   

       This sounds fun.
daseva, Nov 01 2007

       //turning a bishop into a closet paedophile//
Said bishop must then (on the next turn) migrate in the direction of the nearest pawn (of either colour).
There are already many mad versions of chess, including 3D (both the Star Trek version and a more 'classical' one). This is an interesting variation.
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 01 2007

       No it isn't.
Murdoch, Nov 01 2007

       What the chess are you talking about, [Murdoch]? This is a nice twist. Just don't go overboard on the powers. Perhaps some powers are one-use and others are everlasting, but weak?
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 01 2007

       It's all a bit too "dungeons and dragons" for my taste.
Murdoch, Nov 01 2007

       Something like that was created in the 80ies for several computers. The game was called ARCHON and the war was light against dark. Each piece had a diferent power and the board changed colors simulating day and nigth.
Flima, Nov 01 2007

       I like this [+]
jtp, Nov 01 2007


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