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D.U. Traction Weights

Bolt to the underbody close to the axles
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After 3 attempts, I think I finally have one that works.

Depleted uranium weights coated in leaded paint and encased in stainless steel to prevent contact lead poisoning. It's not on the wheel so it doesn't negatively affect handling.

(am I still forgetting something??? I just want *something* that packs a lot of weight but doesn't take up a lot of space and D.U. is about the best thing around for that)

21 Quest, Oct 27 2006


       Why are you so worried about traction right now?
BJS, Oct 27 2006

       Because I have a really lightweight car and we're about to get a *lot* of snow.
21 Quest, Oct 27 2006

       Sand works fine, but takes up trunk space, which compact cars don't have a lot of.
21 Quest, Oct 27 2006

       How much weight do you really want? Lead is quite heavy and less dangerous and more available then uranium. Also, there's still the problem of hills: the weight won't help you there.

       But you have other options: skinnier tires, snow tires, studded tires. Snow tires are awesome and give 2wd cars as much traction as 4wd with all season tires.. and much better braking. And there's always tire chains too.
jmvw, Oct 27 2006

       Why coat them in leaded paint? Just do the stainless steel, shirley.

       If you are bolting to the underbody, volume isn't really an issue, is it? I don't see that D.U. is going to be worth the extra cost above that of lead.
baconbrain, Oct 30 2006

       Two words: conservation of momentum.
Texticle, Oct 30 2006

       Those are three words.
jmvw, Oct 30 2006

BJS, Oct 30 2006

       Place an Elephant on top of the car, the top is mostly wasted space anyway. When the elephant finally dies you can make soup out of it. Here is the recipe:

       1 Elephant cut into 1 inch cubes, 1 large pot, enough gravey to cover. Bring to a boil then lower to a simmer. Soup is done when elephant meat is no longer chewey.

       This should feed about 300 people, if you are expecting extra guests toss in a few rabbits but keep in mind some people dont like hare in their soup.
Chefboyrbored, Oct 31 2006

       If you can't drive your little car in snow, then don't attempt to make alterations to the vehicle so that it will go a little bit farther before getting stuck. I spend more time than I care to think about unsticking people in inadequate vehicles, trying to do things their vehicles simply aren't designed to handle.

       Instead of blowing money on depleted uranium, apply that cash to a good used Subaru. You'll have all the mobility you're likely to need. If your Subie won't make it, then the weather's too bad for all but the plows.
elhigh, Nov 01 2006


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