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convertible minivan flatbed truck

minivan with stown'go bucket seats and roof that converts or folds flat or away leaving an open flatbed
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i've ridden in a number of mini vans. the town'n'country and the grand caravan both possess 2nd AND 3rd row seats that fold into bucket compartments below the floor ( named stow'n'go). most minivans have them for the 3rd row anyways.

however with 2nd and 3rd row seats folded and invisible, a flat surface remains going all the way from the front seats to the back.

now, this minivan, ordinarily amazing for tranporting medium to largish size groups of human beings is now a cargo mini van capable of easily housing a full size mattress on its flatbed footprint, it could easily fit a queen and more but for the fact that the roof is in the way.

now i got to thinking, why not have a minivan with a convertible TOP that folds away so that you have a flatbed.

i know i know so many of you are going to point out that the azure and other suv crossover models have mini flatbeds, or that the camino or small pickups out there can easily receive a 'top' that is bolted onto the flatbed.

you are listening but you aren't HEARING ME. like jimi hendrix.

the point of a convertible is that it folds and unfolds on a moments notice and makes the minivan useful AS A TRUCK as needed , when needed, on a moments notice whenever people want.

this is actually a sweet ass idea for a car, and if it hasn't already been done, i guarantee it will, it's too obviously awsome NOT to try and sell.

also, the chevy avalanche with the unique mid-gate was probably as close as they come to my idea, but it's NOT my idea.

teslaberry, Jul 28 2016


       If the item is too heavy for the roofrack, then it's probably too heavy to be supported by fold-up seats.   

       I could be wrong, but I think older Broncos and Pathfinders you could remove the rear roof.   

       Pickups rule :)
FlyingToaster, Jul 28 2016

       The suspension and drivetrain are going to be problematic. And the proportions will be all wrong. Proportion is hugely important to people but nearly invisible as a conscious sales influence.   

       Minivans are front-drivers. The rear wheels would need to be remote electric motors or something because no space for a driveshaft.   

       The suspension is going to either have to be so stiff as to not deflect at all, or the cargo capacity is going to be seriously limited by the springs. You could add some air springs in there but you still will be fighting against a large amount of unsprung mass in the suspension to support your intended cargo.   

       Maybe what you want is an Avalanche or one of those older Yukons with the rear roof that opens?
RayfordSteele, Jul 28 2016

       // you aren't HEARING ME. like jimi hendrix. //   

       That's because he's dead. Try a Ouija board.   

       As to the idea, we consider that if the rear structure can be folded flat, it may have problems with structural integrity in a crash, particularly a roll-over. [+] for the innovation.
8th of 7, Jul 28 2016


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