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delta wing dirt bike

jet powered winged dirt bike
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Everybody has seen the dirt bike races where the dirt bike racer jumps over a hill high in the air.

Why not use a jet engine, and collapseable delta wings. Wings collapse like an antenna.

How big would the wings have to be?

I saw a large wing connected to a turbine powered motorcycle overhead. Then the guy drove over a cliff, and flew away.

danheathmoore, Nov 09 2007

Motorcycle Hang Gliding http://www.nothingt...rcycle_Hang_Gliding
Gee, who would've thought that "motorcycle hang gliding" would result in an accident? [baconbrain, Nov 09 2007]


       Sounds crazy but workable. I'd suggest a Hydrogen Peroxide rocket (reliable ignition) and a fold out wing like a hang glider unfolded by spring release. The size of the wing depends on what you are looking to do. I'd assume just to extend your air time you could get by with 4' long wings. The combination could turn a 5' jump into a 30' jump, but I'm just guessing and this assumes that you can keep it going straight. As for sustained flight, I think the problem is aerodynamics in that the bike is so short, you'd need a big tail fin for stability.
MisterQED, Nov 09 2007

       Absolutely insane. I like it. Just make sure the jet doesn't give mid jump; even the wings wouldn't save you.
acurafan07, Nov 09 2007

       Exactly like that motorcycle hang gliding! I love it. Did you see how far he went.
danheathmoore, Nov 10 2007

       \\Did you see how far he went.\\   

       Did you see how hard he hit.
dev45, Nov 11 2007

       (+) for Darwinistic potential.
elhigh, Nov 13 2007

       True flight isn't really necessary. Just being able to glide would be cool too--imagine riding across the desert, making thousand-foot jumps over the sand dunes...
5th Earth, Nov 13 2007

       Idea is already done on the movie "Think Tank". People should check it out, its very HB.
rascalraidex, Nov 14 2007

       You are truly a visionary!
quantum_flux, Nov 27 2007

       Ok, instead of wings, while driving normally, fire up the jets and deploy a parachute from the rear storage compartment and fly away!
danheathmoore, Nov 27 2007

       Why only deploy them for jumps? With a negative angle of attack, they would help your cornering by increasing load/traction on the tires.   

       You need to be able to adjust the angle of attack. From negative during land use (maybe that is their fixed position). To positive angle of attack during "flight". With a lousy airfoil, you'd want to go from about -10 degrees on land, to +10 degrees in air.   

       Airplanes figured this out long ago - you attach a airfoil in front (a canard, a la Wright Brothers / Burt Rhutan) or in back (everyone else). Enabling you to pitch the craft forward or back.   

       Consider that human ski jumpers get moderate lift off the airfoil effect of their bodies/skiis. A wing with any width to it (2-3m span) could have a huge effect.
DavidinKenai, Jun 29 2009

       I propose inflatable wings and salute the weirdness of the idea.
loonquawl, Jun 30 2009


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