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Daily Random Circuses

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Bands of hundreds of circusies performing surreal fantastical parades in random locations at random times throughout the day, playing strange music, wearing bright colors, there would be a girl with pink hair, a boy with green. A man attached to balloons jumping twenty feet into the air, swings and pulleys on wheels, with no point or goal. A Japanese boy named Moto wearing polka-dots. They would ignore the world around them and interact with it scarcely but affect it profoundly.
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 04 2007


       Random lactations? Sounds interesting.
imaginality, Feb 04 2007

       Haha oops, that was supposed to be locations.
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 04 2007

       Random Circuses? Almost as random as the "Cirque de Soliel" performance before the Super Bowl. "Based on the local culture..." one commentator said. What culture? It's Florida.   

       Anyway, I rather like the idea of roving randomness. It would be great if they came in and did a parady of an event that just happened. Just to add insult to injury.   

       [TAO] i think it would be even more entertaining if they performed their parody while and within the event that they parody.   

       the reactions of the paradied would set an interesting counterpoint.
tcarson, Feb 05 2007

       Is this not a flash mob?
xandram, Feb 05 2007

       Is this not a lets all?
hidden truths, Feb 05 2007

       Actually, I think it's more of a wibni, but that's not to say I don't like the idea ... When I lived in the Big City years ago, there were occasionally days that contained bits of this ... one of the few good things about having so many people compressed into a relatively small space.
batou, Feb 05 2007


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