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Dalek Matadors

save injury and death
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Well, it strikes me that Matadors play a very risky game - they're always in danger of getting hurt. Dalek Matadors on the other hand might not mind quite so much, and only REALLY risk getting knocked over. Not so much blood then!

The one part of the equation I'm missing really is the bulls. I suppose they're often in danger of getting hurt as well. Especially from Daleks, who can cause injury from a distance. So, you could replace the bulls with large chunks of steak on robotic trolleys. The same visceral thrill for the crowd, but a lot less pain, I reckon. Horns could be of plastic, and therefore quite authentic.

eehen, Jul 09 2000

Survival Research Laboratories http://www.srl.org/
Not to be missed. [rmutt, Jul 09 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       And the robotic trolley could be a barbecue on wheels. Then the crowd has the smell of the steak cooking throughout the entertainment, and the dalek has the added excitement of a potential scald.
kimble, Jul 10 2000

       Gotta love the Daleks   




davros42, Jan 12 2001

       Maybe replace the steaks with pumpkins for vegetarians watching. That would also be a lot more scary for the daleks.
pottedstu, Oct 14 2001

       Oh how beautiful a mental image! One metallic croissant for you.
madradish, Nov 03 2002

       Question- if you push a dalek over how does it get up.
magic_ki, Feb 05 2004

       Now there's a good idea! But to make it more interesting, how about having a different Dr. Who villain each time as the matadors...
Deadlock'd, Feb 05 2004

       [magic_ki] - it doesn't. I always wondered why the travellers never looked for a flight of stairs when trying to escape. That'd foil them.
Detly, Feb 05 2004

       There was one episode where they learnt to fly [Detly] and the whole stairs thing ceased to be a succesful defeatment ploy. It scared the willies out of me at the time, but then anything in Dr Who did really.
hazel, Feb 05 2004

       Would a Sontaran move fast enough to get out of the way in time?
oneoffdave, Feb 05 2004

       Hey [magic_ki] and [detly], Daleks could always be foiled by stairs, so why did they build them in their OWN bases?
Deadlock'd, Feb 27 2004

       The Daleks made me hide behind the couch too, but then so did the music... Now that I think about it though, Dalek Matadors would be even more fun if they had springs attached like Zebedee - or are we just getting a bit retro?
saker, Feb 27 2004


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