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PETA approved bullfights

with Robotic Bulls
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The Kids at MIT are hard at work perfecting a 43 pound, meter long, walking Triceratops. Make one triple the size, put a V-8 in it, and install a sensor that can detect a chip in the toreador's cape. This new sport has all of the grace of the old, with none of the cruelty.
dbsousa, Jun 24 2003

(?) Some friends of mine in Brooklyn made these mechanical bulls http://www.madagasc...om/bulls/bulls.html
Same people who beat some S.F. firemen on "Junkyard Wars" [snarfyguy, Oct 17 2004]


       Duh, biodiesel.
Worldgineer, Jun 24 2003

       The cruelty is just transferred to the toreador: instead of getting mauled by a 1000-pound bull, he gets mauled by a triceratops. Perhaps the best toreadors should be subject to this, for a new challenge.
kevindimie, Jun 24 2003

phoenix, Jun 24 2003

       Didn't Spielberg predict cyborg gladiator matches in AI? (Couldn't watch the whole thing, I'm just going by the reviews.)
DrCurry, Jun 24 2003

       Bullfighting is hardly cruel to the toreador. The toreador puts himself in danger, of his own free will. the bull, however, has no say in the matter, and is stabbed by a variety of picadors, thisadors, and thatadors before the matador steps in the ring. Take out the bull stabbing, and this is just another extreme sport.
dbsousa, Jun 24 2003

       The bull can actually win, you know (in which case it is saved and sent to a stud farm for the rest of its days), which is more that we can say of poor pigs and cows. (In fact, a joke from Spain, when tourists ask for the testicles after the bullfight (a delicacy): the waiter serves them, but they look very small, at which the tourists complain. "Ah, you see," says the waiter," the bull sometimes wins...")
git, Jun 25 2003


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