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Execution Doll

Anger management doll
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I may have watched one or two of those Saudi Arabian execution videos where they decapitate prisoners in mid vocalized protest causing a short vocalized exhalation sigh that is both terrible and, well, you can understand why that has been a common method of execution, historically -- because the mid-sentence sigh is kind of poetic and satisfying.

And a Facebook friend was just posting about managing her anger at the republican debate by biting off the heads of gummy bears.

Thus the squishy-circuit-run Execution Doll with a refillable supply of gummy heads that come in packs: republican candidates, obnoxious celebrities, whinny liberals.

The power supply, sound system and wifi internet connection would be hidden in the reusable body of the doll. When a squishy head of say Donald Trump is attached to the body, an obnoxious recorded speech is downloaded and starts to play until you bite off the squishy head, which stops the speech and replaces it with one of those satisfying vocalized exhalations from the Saudi decapitations, or other appropriate horror movie style screams and crunching.

JesusHChrist, Nov 11 2015

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       sp. whiney
pertinax, Nov 11 2015

       Only if it includes a custom face candy printer.
Voice, Nov 11 2015

       Well after whining so loudly they are a little horse.
LimpNotes, Nov 12 2015

       [-] though it would make quite a distinctive Halloween prop: <chop> here's your candy.
FlyingToaster, Nov 12 2015

       Any piece of candy looking like Mrs. Clinton is not going near my face.
travbm, Nov 12 2015


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