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Dual purpose home maintenance robot

Vacuum and lawn maintenance robot
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I would like to see a robot vacuum cleaner and a robot lawn mower sharing a common brain and programming to avoid duplicity and reduce cost. After you finish vacuuming the floor inside, attach the brain to the lawnmower and away you go.
Sunstone, Sep 17 2007

Robot vacuum http://www.irobot.com/
Robot vacuum [Sunstone, Sep 17 2007]

Robot lawn mower http://www.friendlyrobotics.com/
Robot lawn mower [Sunstone, Sep 17 2007]


       just say "no" to grass clippings in your living room.
k_sra, Sep 17 2007

       A duplicitous goat, though. This thing's honest, apparently.
baconbrain, Sep 17 2007

       I'm not sure, but I suspect that the "brain" in each machine would be one of the least expensive components. You'd be better switching over the mains lead or the batteries.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 17 2007

       Yep, the battery on my old Roomba was over half the cost. But I'd not want it wearing out twice as fast.   

       I'd like my vacuum cleaner to fill the house with the smell of new-mown grass.
baconbrain, Sep 17 2007

       Hmmm - could be dangerous - if the robot is no longer confined to the lawn or the inside of the house, surely the next step is World Domination?
hippo, Sep 18 2007


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