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A response to Manga and Anime
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Manga and Anime are thought bombs from Japan in response to the Atomic bombs that ended World War II. Those large- eyed characters are aimed at the peduncle of our culture, our Romeo-and-Juliet-aged-adolescents's sense of idealism. War has progressed from "physical" to economic and now to art. Our response should be a "danceosphere" in the sense of Teilhard de Chardin's nooisphere. Chardin thought that the next step in planetary evolution would be a nooisphere or layer of complexity analogous to the cerebral cortex in humans. If an electronic-network-based graphical language like Manga and Anime) is one step in that evolution, the next step would be a emotional-network-based gestural language. My recommendation is that people start dancing at their computers.
JesusHChrist, Jun 05 2005


       I dunno. They're still using bombs and guns in Afghanistan, and the North Koreans are fixated with a nuclear device. I think I'd prefer it if our guys in uniform went at them with something more destructive than a solid rumba.
DrCurry, Jun 05 2005

       "Roger that." "Tango Foxtrot do you copy?, over."   

       You just got served [JHC]. Unfortunately you couldn't see it.
wagster, Jun 05 2005

       And one and two and bun and two.
zeno, Jun 06 2005

       I was gonna fishbone this because of the suggestion that a successfully exported culture which wasn't American was somehow insidiously evil, but the image of geeks the world over boogying as they type has set me giggling helplessly.
moomintroll, Jun 06 2005

       Dance, dance evolution?
wagster, Jun 07 2005

       "Cartoons - America's original art form. I don't include Jazz cos it sucks." -- Bart Simpson   

       I think The Simpsons, just by itself, is equal to Anime in terms of influence to Westerners. Thank God.
Adze, Jun 07 2005


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