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combating terrorism

distributing leaflets of bestiality porn featuring Osama bin Laden
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Instead of trying to make the case, in certain places in the world, that bin Laden and his intolerant doctrine is evil and should not be followed, let's give our postion a turbo-boost: raunchy bestiality porn featuring (thanks to some eletronic manpulation) mister man himself, bin Laden. I wonder how a villager in Northern Pakistan would feel about following the belief system of someone who takes sincere pleasure in being 'satisfied' from a village goat.
izzard, Aug 02 2003


       How stupid do you think those people are? They might not be Photoshop geniuses, but they probably know how to spot a fake.   

       Does bin Laden even have mainstream appeal anywhere? Did he ever?
snarfyguy, Aug 02 2003

       To answer these comments in respective order: somewhat and yes.
izzard, Aug 02 2003

       You can do better, izzard.
thumbwax, Aug 02 2003

       you're on a roll, izzard!
k_sra, Aug 02 2003

chud, Aug 03 2003

       is terrorism really that much of a threat? and if it is, how the hell will bestiality porn featuring osama bin laden with a goat really paly a role in its defeat?   

       and why the hell has this been idea placed under the category of " food: delivery: airborne"???   

       i don't really see how this has anything to do with airplanes or food.
demo_nova, Aug 03 2003

       [snarfguy] so.. the two Hussein brothers.. they're def. dead then ? I could have sworn I saw a touch o' the old photoshop about them too.
neilp, Aug 03 2003

       i don't see what bestiality porn has to do with education
demo_nova, Aug 04 2003

       [neilp]: Don't ask me. I didn't say anything one way or another. From what I've heard, they're supposed to have been killed.
snarfyguy, Aug 04 2003

       You should pick Saddam, he's more "popular" now.
Pericles, Aug 04 2003

       //You can do better, izzard.//
Any evidence to back that up, ['wax]?
angel, Aug 04 2003


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