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Drug and Porn Bombs

And associated protective mechanisms
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I'm not saying this is a good idea but that we should build protective mechanisms against these possibilities.

This is protective mechanism for the deepnet against an automatic targeting of vulnerable populations and delivery of dangerous substances and material. So for instance a terrorist group might find vulnerabilities in video software and virally insert really good pornography and they might find a list of vulnerable minds, like say lists of porn subscribers and mail them lots of good drugs and then they might target a really vulnerable city like say Los Angeles or Los Vegas which are just itching to explode anyway, and if the terrorist organization did all of this at some specific moment the whole city would go up in flames and riots.

So this is a proposal for a DARPA funded project to build a protective mechanism that detects when something like this is happening and diverts the purpose by flooding thr market with bad pornography and bad drugs in response,

JesusHChrist, Jan 09 2015


       There is a massive non sequitur in the sequence proposed here.
WcW, Jan 09 2015

       Do you think this has already happened? It would explain some things. And also why the best minds of the 1970s could not track down Bigfoot.
bungston, Jan 09 2015

       "vulnerable minds" to drugs and porn? It seems you're stuck in a 19th century view of the world.
Voice, Jan 09 2015

       The second sentence in the second paragraph would be worthy of Samuel Delany, if only it was...better.
normzone, Jan 09 2015

       If I wanted to seriously damage a society, this might be exactly what I would do. However, I would go further. for example, in cases like the current war against the Muslims ...simply drop huge bags of marijuana, heroine, crack cocaine , injection kits, LSD tabs, crystal meth, plastic bags by the tens of thousands filled with strong doses of hydrocodone, and lithium pills...lots of lithium pills. People in combat situations are under constant stress. So, talk about vulnerable minds and personalities! Soon, the entire society would be dependent on more "D- Bomb" attacks. Then, all at once, just a few days, perhaps a week,before you are ready to go in and mop them up, you quit delivery. Their best people are addicted, and craving and with "ants" crawling all over them, they are enticed to surrender by the promise of more drugs. End of story!   

       So, I bun it!
Altoidian, Jan 12 2015

       Which then becomes a cesspool that you inherit...
RayfordSteele, Jan 12 2015

       No worse than the home front.
pocmloc, Jan 13 2015


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