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Darkside down dustsheets

It's a black and white idea
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I was doing some painting today and had a number of dustsheets out to protect the kitchen units and the floor. Trouble is, when I'd finished, it was hard to know which was the 'dirty' side - all important when folding up, or reusing immediately.

Two-tone dustsheets, preferably in two very distinct colours, will make this easy. Not hard to remember : darkside down.

[alternatively, have one side with the words "Paint - Warning" printed repeatedly. That'll make it clear]

jonthegeologist, Dec 02 2006


       Excellent idea.
jurist, Dec 02 2006

       + wow, almost too practical for this place, but nice.
xandram, Dec 02 2006

       you could always paint 'this side up' on the top side!
po, Dec 02 2006

       Well, the first clue would be the side with the paint all over it.....(+)
jhomrighaus, Dec 02 2006

       White paint white dustsheet
dev45, Dec 03 2006


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