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Designer Plates for Dimmer Switches

Like designer plates for light switches, only for dimmer switches
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I'm not sure if someone has invented these yet, but I haven't been able to find them anywhere. Here's the idea:

If there are designer plates for regular light switches, there should be designer plates that are designed for dimmer switches. There should be a space cut out to accomodate the knob, just as they have a little square cut out for the switch. Then you can have any design on it like you do with the light switch covers.

While we're on design, there should be do-it-yourself light switch covers where you can paint a design on them the way you like.

TaraMW30, May 30 2005

(?) a couple of places mention dimmer switches... http://kyledesign.z...plates.dimmerknobs/
perhaps by *designer*, you mean something else? [po, May 30 2005]

There is always substitution. http://images.googl...en%26lr%3D%26sa%3DN
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 30 2005]

Dimmer switch plates http://www.switchhi...lates_covers_s.html
With knob covers. Cosmic! [jutta, May 30 2005]

Dimmer + switch in Vermont slate http://www.vermontslateart.com/SSSDM.jpg
[jutta, May 30 2005]

Version for [benfrost]'s "Nipple Switch" idea. http://bz.pair.com/fun/switch.jpg
You can probably imagine the dimmer interaction. [bristolz, May 31 2005]


       You spent HOW many hours at the hardware store?
My sympathies. +
reensure, May 30 2005

       Nice, and welcome to the Halfbakery.
froglet, May 30 2005

       1) Dimmers use the same switch plates as regular switches.   

       2) Switch plates come in plain white, which is easily paintable.   

       No invention here.
waugsqueke, May 30 2005

       Dimmers can use regular face plates, but there are special (dial-) dimmer face plates (they just have a little round hole rather than a rectangular slot).
jutta, May 30 2005

       We are in the process of making the spare room into a childrens room for our five-and-a-bit month old daughter. ( Iadmit it should have been finished allready)   

       But anyway, the guy who did the wallpaper was a drunk and he did not do a nice job around the place where the dimmer is now. So I cut a sort of funny looking seamonster (to cover the mistake) and painted it pink with purple spots, cut a hole in the middle and there you have it: designer dimmer plate. So a bun for you and me eh?
zeno, May 30 2005

       Ditto here [Una], in whatever country I live in.
Texticle, May 30 2005

       Thank you for the links and the "heads-up" on this item. Sorry if I upset anyone by talking about something that was already invented. Obviously I wasn't really looking hard enough or googling long enough. Oh well. Anyway, this is a very interesting place!   

       Thank you for the welcome, froglet!
TaraMW30, May 31 2005

       Ribbit bark croak squeak!
froglet, May 31 2005

       very interesting place, stick around!
zeno, Jun 03 2005

       http://www.anigmo.com makes Touchless Dimmer Switches that can use Anything as a Decorative switch plate. Patented sensor "feels the presence of one's hand through various materials and shapes. Dimmers are available in USA and are UL approved. 600W incandescent/halogen. Many designer plates available and also do it yourself option. Igor
Anigmo, Sep 26 2005


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