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Drift Bubble Pop Table

Un homage du Sydney Devine
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A coffee or occaisonal table, perhaps, the top of which is glass and lies a couple of inches above a shallow tray containing water. Around the edges and along the floor of the water tray are many mintute vents, which can fart, for want of a better word, tiny amounts of air or water, depending, into the shallow pool. By either preprogramming or manipulating on the fly, the once mirror-smooth surface of the pool can, with the dials turned up to 11, be made to fizz and bubble. On a more sedate setting, patterns of tiny bubbles can be created, shifting, fading, reemerging for your relaxing enjoyment.
calum, Oct 02 2006

Sydney Devine http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Sydney_Devine
...performer of something called "Tiny Bubbles" [zen_tom, Oct 02 2006]

(?) Kaleb enjoys the bubble table. http://www.beaconba...ly/burman/laugh.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 02 2006]


       Cool, a spa for fruit flies.
skinflaps, Oct 02 2006

       I don't see why not. You may only need a few centimeters of water for cool bubbly effects. Also, maybe have some oil spouts so you could have little colorful immiscible bubbles floating around, and they could be retrieved somehow.[+]
daseva, Oct 03 2006


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