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Darts Blinders

like horses wear,
  [vote for,

so you don't get distracted by goings on while you're throwing.
FlyingToaster, Sep 09 2011

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       So you don't notice the person that's about to walk in front of you...
scad mientist, Sep 09 2011

       [mfd] widely known to exist - blinders?
rcarty, Sep 12 2011

       I'm voting against. Without distractions, what excuses does that leave me with?
DrBob, Sep 12 2011

       I wonder. Given the performances of the crowd at the Lakeside, I would guess that the whooping and jeering and clattering are all part of the game at its highest level. But what if we were interested in maximising the very special abilities of van Barneveld or Bristow and wanted therefore to eliminate all sensory input other than the sight of the dartboard, the weight of yer arra and the breeze dragging back the hair on your meaty forearm as you chuck? Well, if we were, we could acquire:
• earplugs, for use as you would expect;
• noseplugs, for use as you would expect;
• a motocylce helmet, for donning;
• a roll of duct tape; and
• a long cardboard tube of the type crudely folded in half by sleep-robbed parents at about 3am on Christmas morning,
these last three items being brought together such that when the helmet is donned, the dartist finds himself tunnelvisioned, only the board can be seen, with nothing for company but the sound of his own blood rushing about his skull, free at last to focus solely on finishing on a double.
calum, Sep 12 2011


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