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Music from dash vibrations via placeable, modular sound makers
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Have fun sticking, clipping the modular sound generators to the inside of the car.


A whistle via tube clipped to open window or air vent moderated by sprung opening,

A glopping made from water in a pendulum, with spring swing adjustment and sound amplifying opening.

A drumming from of a small drum with adjustable skin tension and a choice of various bouncing weights.

A clash from a small cymbal hit by release of a spring which has a period due to ratcheting.

A wheeze from a reed instrument powered by weighted bellows.

Just ask mum or dad to speed up or slow down. Sometimes breaks will need to be used.

wjt, Jul 12 2020


       It sounds like a metal symphony to me. Make road trips more interesting. "Guess what sound that was?"
blissmiss, Jul 12 2020

       I like this. [+]
doctorremulac3, Jul 12 2020

       if the sounds were of a lowish amplitude, kids might have to keep quiet to listen. I don't think they'll break out in song but you never know*.   

       * there's always one.
wjt, Jul 13 2020

       Composers could compose symphonies or chamber works for this.   

       The score would be in the form of a rally driver's course notes.
pocmloc, Jul 13 2020


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